7 Best Hamster Care Tips for Beginners in 2022


In this section, on Hamsterwheel.com, we are providing lots of new and novel tips for Hamster lovers. Now, today, we have given 7 tips for hamster care in 2022. Four paws, two bright eyes, and a set of twitchy whiskers. There’s nothing cuter than a pet hamster! If you’ve recently welcomed a hamster into your family, here are 7 quick care tips to memorize.

Hamsters are cute, cuddly and playful. They are not just a pet but also a great companion. However, they do need some care and attention to stay healthy and happy.

7 Hamster Care Tips for Beginners

Hamsters are very sensitive to cold temperatures so it is important to keep the room temperature at 20 degrees Celsius or more. The cage should also be lined with bedding material that is soft for the hamster to burrow in when it wants to sleep.

1. Choose a habitat

Make a habitat for your little guy that is both safe and comfortable by selecting the right colors, tubes, add-ons, and accessories. Connect two or more habitats with Crittertrail® tubes to create an unlimited number of combinations. Choose bedding that they can burrow in, and don’t forget to get them the correct-sized water bottle, such as a 6-ounce chew-proof water bottle.

2. Put the habitat in the right place

Choose an area that is near the noise of your family but not in the thick of things to put his habitat. Your hamster will be comfortable with your day-to-day sounds, but will be stressed out by loud noises and a lot of hubbub right outside their space. Make sure your pet’s habitat is far from any vents or drafty windows in order to keep them in a safe temperature-controlled environment.

3. Cover the habitat with a light cloth for a week or so,

Your hamster’s first days in your home will be filled with new experiences. When you bring your new hamster home, everything is new to them.

They’ll feel more at ease in their habitat if you cover it with a light cloth for the first few days so that it doesn’t distract them from their habitat. You may take the cover off for bonding time once they feel comfortable with you.

4. Wait a few days before trying to pick them up

It takes time to form new friendships, and you shouldn’t rush things. After providing them with food and water, they’ll begin to trust you.

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5. Once they’re acclimated, think outside the box for feeding time

You don’t eat the same things every day, do you?

Humans need a variety of foods, just like hamsters do. Try adding carrots, squash, broccoli, cucumbers, apples, pears, or berries to their normal, everyday diet. This is a very crucial step in your way for hamster care.

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6. Clean your hamster’s space regularly

There’s a happy medium between keeping your hamster’s home clean and comfy and creating undue stress by cleaning it too much. In general:

  • Clean the toilet area daily
  • Spot change bedding as needed (when soiled/wet)
  • Wipe out their food dish weekly
  • Change water daily 
  • Empty their entire habitat weekly or twice a week
  • Place all new bedding weekly

Every week or every other week, take soap and water and wipe down the entire habitat once it’s empty of bedding, toys, and other pieces. That extra step will keep your hamster’s space smelling good. This is a very fundamental step in hamster care tips.

7. Give them plenty of out-of-habitat time

A great way to give your hamster exercise and get some needed bonding time is to provide ample playtime outside their habitat each week. We suggest setting up a small gated area with lots of toys and some treats so they can explore and say hi to their human family! Remember to always supervise your hamster when he or she is out of their habitat.

8. Take time to bond with your hamster

If you want to bond with your hamster, you need to be patient, provide frequent feedings, and play frequently outside of their cages. Approach your hamster slowly and speak to them in a conversational manner. Your scent and voice will help your hamster recognize you as a source of comfort.

9. Handle your pet with care

Approach your pet carefully and speak to them in a gentle tone. It is a common misconception that hamsters and gerbils must be picked up with one hand and held in cupped hands. It is critical, however, not to accidentally drop them as they are naturally nocturnal animals. It is important to consider the time of day when handling your hamster in order to avoid accidentally snatching you from your slumber.

A small video by Animal Wised is also recommended by us for more such tips.

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