Best Hamster Cages 2022


Here we present you a list of the best hamster cages 2022.

Whether you own a Syrian hamster or a dwarf hamster, one thing is for sure; you need a safe and secure space for it to call home. Hamster cages come in many different shapes and sizes, leaving plenty of questions for owners.

In this article, we’ve rounded up some very good hamster cages that we feel you and your hamster will be delighted with. Later we bring you a guide to hamster cages and hope that when you’re done reading all of your questions have been answered.

The Best Hamster Cages

Picking up a great-looking cage from the store doesn’t necessarily mean it’s going to be good. In an attempt to save you some time and effort we’ve rounded up what we believe to be the best hamster cages available to date.

Here’s a list of the five best hamster cages around which we’re sure you’ll love.

Kaytee CritterTrail Small Animal Super Habitat (Top Pick)


We’re pleased to introduce you to the spacious and comfortable CritterTrail habitat from Kaytee. At 540 square inches, your hamster will get more than enough room in this cage. The secure enclosure has a quarter-inch of spacing between the bars helps to keep your hamster where it needs to be.

You get a shelf and a ramp as well as top entry to the cage for quick and easy access. You also get a bubble plug, port door connector, and can connect it to other Kaytee accessories to expand it. This is a brilliant cage on the whole and one we’d recommend for anyone that wants a luxury hamster home.

Ferplast Favola Hamster Cage (Best Syrian Hamster Cage)

Next up we’ve got the perfect package cage. The cage itself is excellent but comes with a nest, bowl, water bottle and a wheel. This makes it a great option for new hamster owners that want an “all in one” package. This is a cage designed specifically for hamsters, with connection caps allowing you to connect it to other habitats.

The plastic is durable as well as easy to clean. You get a great level of access to the interior through the top door. The two-tier structure allows your hamster to play wherever it pleases within the cage through use of the interconnecting ladder. This package set is very good value for money and has everything you need to provide a hamster with a home. Due to its excellent ventilation and plastic base, we consider this to be the best cage for Syrian hamsters out of all the cages we reviewed.

Ferplast Laura Hamster Cage (Best Dwarf Hamster Cage)

This is another eye-catching option from Ferplast, which is as colorful as it is comfortable for your hamster. The standout feature of this cage is the tunnel system leading from the lower tier to the top tier. It’s great fun for your little friend and an exciting way for them to get around the cage.

A trait with Ferplast cages is the inclusion of all the accessories a hamster could need. This includes a food bowl, bottle, nest, wheel and tubes. You also get the capability to attach the cage to other habitats. Overall, it’s another excellent cage from Ferplast and one that will bring your hamster endless fun. This is recommended as our best dwarf hamster cage.

Prevue Pet Products Orange Hamster Haven

Here we’ve got a top draw cage from Prevue Pet. It’s got multiple levels, which means additional space for exercise and play. Included with the cage comes a platform, ramp, wheel and a dome.

There are two ways to get into the cage, through the front door as well as the top compartment. This makes it easy to clean as well as easy to access your hamster. This three-floor habitat offers plenty of room for fun and games and is an excellent choice of cage for a hamster.

IRIS Deluxe Hamster Cage

This is a multi-level hamster cage with excellent visibility throughout. Thanks to the clear plastic, you get a great view of your hamster. The wire structure works in providing plenty of ventilation. This comes with a bottle, food bowl, a wheel and a slide.

It’s easy to access with a dual opening top. This allows you to put your hamster in or take it out of the habitat with ease. Despite its largely clear plastic design its very durable while being lightweight. This makes it a great for those of you needing something easy to transport.

A Guide to Hamster Cages

hamster cage guide

Hamsters, or Syrian hamsters as they are known, make excellent pets. Like any pet, they need and deserve the best of care. That means the right housing so that they are happy, safe, and have good hygiene standards. Having a good hamster cage means that the family can enjoy watching them live, play, and go about their daily business.

So what constitutes the ideal hamster cage? We’ll talk about the three main kinds of cage later on, but however your enclosure is constructed, you need to consider a few critical points:


It’s vital to have a cage that gives your hamster plenty of room to eat, sleep, burrow, play and hide. The suggested minimum size cage for a hamster cage is 15 inches long by 12 inches high. We’d recommend getting something bigger than this if you can; remember that hamsters love to climb. The rule is, the bigger the better to allow your new friend to have a comfortable life in his or her new abode.


In their natural habitat hamsters are burrowing animals. That means they need to have a good thick layer of bedding on the floor of their cage so that they can dig and nest to their heart’s content. That means a minimum of two inches, but three or more is better. Look for a cage that has a deep tray which will hold plenty of material. Remember that hamsters will toss their burrowing material around, so you might want to sit the entire cage in a larger tray to catch the spills.