About us

Hey friends,

I am Faareen, founder and owner of Hamsterswheel.com blog. I am in love with this pet Hamster, I raise it, I feed it and I love it like it’s my baby.

I am a pet lover from childhood, I also love cricket as I am born in India where cricket is considered as a religion. And I agree to this fact that I am first Muslim and then I am a cricket fan.

I am a passionate blogger and student of B.Tech. I mostly write for hamster tips, hamster foods updates on hamsterswheel.com.

What do we cover?

  • Hamster Care Tips,
  • Hamster Foods
  • Hamster Cage Guides
  • Hamster Wheel

We will add new categories for the updates on Hamsterswheel.com blog.

Your comments and suggestions are welcome.


Farheen Sheth.